Tuesday, December 2, 2008

thoughtless title

this drawing was inspired by swirly lines. no concept really. i had no clue it would end up looking anything similar to what it looks like now.  how do you like?  

this blog post was posted post-bowel-movement. no lie

so what is happening in my sub-conscious? everything is.  

i shall be drawing more for the purpose of art blogging. additionally i will be posting old drawings as well.

i will post pics of me having a blast at social events too.  

(this sounds like a declaration of what i plan to do as a blogger)

watch this video of J.Farties, L. Planter & ME (in striped shirt) Shredding on air guitar!!!!


jamesjardine said...

Shredding is an important agenda to have. I think it's one of the basic food groups.

chekka cuomova said...

wawww that's a real nice drawing.. can't wait to see more drawings ;)