Thursday, February 5, 2009

how do you simulate stumulation?

So my family just acquired another dog. He remains without a name still. Any suggestions?

Here is the story on how he was found. My parents were shopping at Le Good Will. On their way out they noticed that in the parking lot, between two cars, was a little prince of a pup. He had no collar. He was taken to the vet and the -narian says "this cat(dog) aint got no chip either yall". So BAM we have new dog!

He is such a kind, calm, good natured weirdo. like me of course! I have already played dress up with it and provided him with his first photoshoot as a Gierhart. He doesnt object to much! TROOPER!

I decorated him with one of my many scarves.

Another angle..

here is an illustration that i enjoy staring at with a blindfold on flipped inside out with a see through mirror behind me


Linhja said...

Space cowboy, biggz, sultan, super, puss, bracket, slevin, sixty(nine)

jamesjardine said...

Why don't you name him trooper?