Sunday, June 14, 2009

Here There Is No Dualism

<3 Somewhere Around Here <3

I try to make myself very aware of how the sky looks everyday, anywhere I am. So I take photos. These pictures are why Texas constantly captivates human eyes. The earth is already in space. We are in space. Everything is in space. How much space is between here and Tokyo? Seems like zeveral ZILLion!

Heavenly creatures swimming in treasure
surely enough reaching for pleasure
pleasing the senses in vast degrees
unsurpassed brilliance in vast degrees
white-ing out twits who have no wits
who mentally sit and babysit shit-thoughts
of nothing but swine-y grit.



Ronnie Heart said...


Youth Studies said...

so beautiful..

Anonymous said...

Beautiful,.. I Love it..

James Jardine said...

i like the view from the bridge. Nice place to take a leak.

Anonymous said...

oh weee! i hadn't seen the new post. i haven't put the whole rss feed in order yet. i see the secret though & my oh my! what a perfect post to participate. love you

ryder said...