Saturday, June 6, 2009

The sONg RemAiNes the sAme

DeviLsOme DeLiveRy DRiveR DOctOR RuNs DOwN A DuNe RaLLy veRy RhythmicALLy squeeziNg micROphONe cALLs LiNgeRiNg thROugh RAD heAD jANe LANes DehyDRAtiNg DRAiNs bAckwARDs suctiON RON iNwARD the veNOm thAt leAps Out tO the bLAck wAteR eARthLy pRints ON RON eveRy bODy hAtch memORies RepLAciNg deAth fOR eteRNity sight NO bLiNDNess wiND up the RefiNeD DRess Recess pLAygROuND wORkfORce Of cOuRse iN heR cORset suNset RONDO DONe iN A miNOR by A miND sO smARt A miND sO MOzARt. cONtiNue DONt stOp iN my Armpit A pit stOp A smile cONstructeD frOm unwORN fLip fLOps.

only one weakness. ask me what it is.