Wednesday, July 8, 2009

when I was YOUNGER I was like a TIGER, but NOW I am like a CAT!

There is some serious construction going on at my house. My mom is having an additional fantasy room installed to our casa.

The yellow bracelet you see me wearing was given to me by my friend Cameron. He lives in Lubbock, TX. and attends to Texas Tech. According to Cameron, the bracelet has been blessed by a Buddhist monk. He ordered it directly from a monastery.

Angel face makes an appearance!

Here is Gunter!

Here is Einstein sneaking in for a hot shot. Thanks dogs!

Gunter winks ;D

Here are Roscoe on the left & Daisy on the right. These babies have captured my soul :)

Remarkable events are happening in the VEGA & Neon Indian world. I will keep you informed my pals :)


NEON INDIAN ON PITCHFORK (I play guitar on this one :))

wanna start a whistling group? all we would do is walk around a park and challenge birds! we would use electricity to amplify our sound though DUH! human brains kick birdbrains' ass any day! i might even get some effects pedals to make my sounds hurdle over mountains.



Linhja said...

Hah! I like the very last line of this post. I'm totally in for whistling.

Aanother Ddimension said...

I am down for the whistling group!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nice man if you need any more outfits for vega or Neon Indian let me know. Oh yeah and the party at tesh's is not this friday it's next friday.

Stephie said...

Gunter knows a secret....

Anonymous said...

the dogs are so cute!
cool bracelet