Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Even though you don't hear it, there is always sound.

I went bowling the other night with some friends and here is a photo provided by my wonderful buddies at HELLOOOOOO.COM. It was a fun night :)

Lacing up...that floor looks like an LSD trip...PRRRREEEETTTYYYYYY

I'm currently gearing up to go on a west coast tour with VEGA. It's going to be quite the sun-shower! I've never been to the west coast during the summer time.

Here's a list of the tour dates and locations:
Saturday August 15th - San Diego, California - U-31 Cocktail Club
Monday August 17th - Pomona, California - The Brick Nightclub
Tuesday August 18th - Hollywood, California - The Arena
Thursday August 20th - Sacramento, California - Mix Downtown
Saturday August 22th - Vancouver, British Columbia - Shine Nightclub

Tour Flier:

For more info go to the AM ONLY site to see additional artist info.

If you live in any of these cities please come see us!

I recently saw Wild at Heart by David Lynch. I highly recommend that you watch it too! El Trailer...

Dreamy song...

Rok & Shok Jam Sesh :)


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