Saturday, September 12, 2009

wondrous being

i remember living in houston texas. i distinctly remember being taken to the zoo with a childhood friend who wore a purple/blue dress. i don't remember her name whatsoever. what i do remember is having a physical crush on her. her hair was dark brown. her hair was shoulder length. i'm thinking that she had some sort of goof-anus pony tail boondoggle on her head too. i used to be mesmerized by the photo of her and i petting goats. i saw it again a few years later and discovered that i was no longer into her "type". the goats were sexier than she was and probably ended up becoming. i have the urge to go to see animals again. i am interested in trapped/captive/caged animals. going to the zoo is pleasurable. its also convenient to not have to enter the wilderness and discover creatures yourself. pay a small fee, burn a small amount of gas and purchase hydration along with some non/pro-nutritional snacks then you'll be in a super center of real 'on display' creatures!

rediscover or discover? undercover lover...


Anonymous said...

Very cryptic: going to the zoo.
Plumb these memories more?

Goat said...

Post the picture of you two.