Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What sense do you devote most time to?

While I was in Tokyo I went to a stationary store specifically looking for some irregularly compact pens, pencils, & notebooks.
I kept thinking "me find you long time".
But the search didn't take very long. Tokyo has almost anything you can imagine finding...If you dare imagine so!
I bet there is an ominous brain scanner in Tokyo that scans shopper's brains that immediately knows what a person wants. Once scanned, that wanted thing manifests in a nearby location around you. Then you're obliged to buy "that thing"! That's exactly what happened to me.
And I'm sure it's happened to you too!

To conclude this story, I found and purchased a short pen, a short mechanical pencil, & two 4-inch-tall Moleskin journal-styled notebooks.

As a result I've drawn a few sketches here that I have strong desire to display.


This is the first drawing that I did in the notebook.
When I got the chance to finally sit down, I instantly drew this.

Not sure what to make of this but I felt like this figure.

This drawing is a somewhat warped replica of Haruki Murakami's Norwegian Wood book cover.

Somehow I think of bananas. BANANAS.

This was one of those drawings where time led me to oscillate between consciousness & subconsciousness in order to create this.

This is an illustration of a creepy dream that I had in Norway.

Compare & contrast!

Water lady from a planet I go to often.

Jason Faries drew this sexy thing!

Draw more! Complain less!

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Scott Prather said...

Draw more! Complain less!

Never truer words have been said.

Ronald!! so many adventures you've been on and a life already lived! I hope everything is well with you, just wanted to stop by to reminisce.