Monday, September 6, 2010

Papasito Post

Hey man! While I was slated in Copenhagen, I was staked-out in a blue van being Papi Paparazzi Man.  If you look closely you can see the reflection of the blue van in the window across from where I was shooting. I'm so lucky to find a specimen of such greatness. This man is a man. I have no lingering doubts about his manhood, man.  This man is a chosen one who gets to be inducted into my personal hall of fame. 

Featured here in the Rokarony photo gallery is non other than Sir Copenhagen of the year.  (Way manlier & cooler than the non-man who ungracefully said the following to me: "I'm the Jay-Z of Copenhagen!" in the most annoyingly grandiose manner possible.)

Sir Cope's face sort of reminded me of Mr. Bean's face.  Did anyone ever watch that show on PBS?
Curiosity lingered at the tip of my finger down to my pinker toe about what in the world he had in his little wheelie bag.  I could give you my imagination on he subject but I rather keep it to myself.

Bim bom!


Allie Loftin said...

Glad you took those photos! Neat post, my friend

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I find this man hilarious.. :D
you're a perfect paparazzi.. XD said...

Fantastic species !