Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Parrots & Paris

Above are all photos that I took in Paris.  After our sound check I had just enough time to take a stroll with Leanne to look for food.  I'm sad that Paris didn't have many vegetarian or even health food selections.  I'm sure if we wandered around long enough we would have found something?  Baguette here Baguette there.  Baguette EVERYWHERE.  Oh yeah and all sorts of cheese.  Is that all you eat in France?  Bread-cheese-meat?   You are what you eat.

This picture was taken in San Fransisco by my best friend Jason.  I think that the bird belongs to a homeless man.  I tried to kiss it!  I wish someone would have informed me that it had a name.  At least the mystery bird lounged on my shoulder.

Nicky Digital & me at our Governor's Island show.  Such a nice day.

These last three pictures are all snapped by Jane.

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