Monday, February 28, 2011

Found Leather

A few days ago I went geochashing with a few friends.  My friend Sunny was with us and she found this leather jacket at a car wash next to the vacuum cleaner!  I decided to make an outfit out of the acquired treasure.  What inspired me to do this hoot of a photo shoot, is the bouquet of dead leaves that I am holding, in all of the photos.  I was trimming an indoor plant and thought, "I'll make something out of this!"  My mom and sister helped me with the picture taking and dog corralling.  

The golden sweater reminds me of Star Trek.  I bought that at No Relation Vintage in the East Village (NY,NY)

My tan corduroy pants were gifted to me from RVCA
The boots that have on are probably my favorite pair of footwear.  I purchased the boots at Metropolis Vintage, on 3rd AVE in Manhattan.  I've found various snazzy shoes there.

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