Wednesday, July 6, 2011

close and soften your eyes.

begin breathing deeply and slowly.  not violently. gently.  no one is around you.  no media is taking your attention.  you choose to think or allow your thoughts to bounce and merge into unconscious intermingling.  you are in your own mind’s dimension. no one else has ever had your mind.  who do you hear talking to you now?  you are now influencing yourself.  your thoughts are distanced from everyone else’s thoughts.  your body’s energy is sustaining you for now.  you are now able to think.  only that.

if you were born in a place where no one told you a single thing about any organized society, and no one was around you except for your mute parents who also did not, in any way or form tell you about where they came from, how would your life be?  Would you still magically discover the exact belief system that you have been influenced with, for your entire life?  What nouns would you idolize?  What entity would you worship?  What if the main traits that your parents taught you were compassion and affection?  What if your curriculum was nature and the observance of how everything around you progresses, evolves and develops?  Building shelter, hunting and gathering your own food were the focal points of your life. creating anything with anything.  Music with all tones from the ground or animal bones.  art with colors that you hand mixed with objects that you have found on your daily treks around your region.  your own alchemy.  your own experiments. 

there is no way to be completely independent of other people.  everyone learns something different that can help another along.  what forms of coexistence could be agreed upon?  what set of ethical codes could be developed to make a society harmonious?  could we all live up to these set of ideas?  would they have to be amended generations later for the sake of the current state of humanity?

i constantly hope that i contradict myself.  i never want to be right.  but i never want to live life without wondering how life could be otherwise.  i'll always question every single thought that is presented to me by any source.  i am self-satisfied always.  no one can make me unhappy, or otherwise, except me.  i'm right, to myself, even if i'm wrong to you. 

4 life.

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