Tuesday, October 18, 2011

new memory

/i'm in a dream as i type and i can never control my dreams unless i'm awake i intake the most air that my body will take then release and unleash a feast of carbonated oxide that has 2 hands and two feet that dance lots but stops suddenly to suspend the time that was taken to hide in the park in the hyde park on the back of your side. from thin air i glare into the light that reflects off of your body's glaring tears-tearing apart openings that are thinner than narrow passages from a scroll crawlin, rollin raw on owl ideas/

tone one

tone two

butterfly treatment

Self Portrait by Jenn Wohlrab

dramatic improvement         

a part on her has been deleted                   

recreating it each time         

orange shadow

slightly closer together

a kiss to remember

that's even happier                               

there is no contamination.    not in your brain.    we cannot remember anything.    not even secrets kept.

sketch, berry, leave, vine

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