Monday, August 12, 2013

thoughts i have

+ some people get /toasted/ then race to /rise/ like mario and/bread/y. i donut knead this. i’m so baked. perhaps you want NAN of this. i thought dough.

+ do horn players BLOW things out of proportion?

+ to start it off: upside down exclamation point. because if it's exciting in spanish tongue, it's plus +, times more, in every other tongue. spanish tongue with a massive lung

+ i keep, continue, observing the adorning voice of chet baker in the songs that he sang in. honey, the taste. wine: the feeling

+ what i want on my birthday is for the sunset to last a bit longer 

+ one time two is too

+ cute dogs

+ i have a musician friend who is a good musician friend who is also a good cuddler, his website says so

+ there's also a dumpster pool. splish splash! 

+ I feel spoiled by the sweet & talent filled people who I share musical experiences with. you know when a friendship seems, seamless?

+ boiled owl

+ especial

+ when i was a kid kid, i wanted to be: either;; an architect or a genius.  that's how i became an astronaut. 

+ extending your arm out of your car window to feel the sensation of soothing wind on your skin. a night time fetish

+ tonight on, the morning show.

1 comment:

Taylor said...

this is: Stream of thought/he'sbaked/he's just trying to say what he's actually THINKING
even if what you're thinking can't really transpose that well into cohesive statements, because there's more to that, right?

I like this post. keep speaking, keep wording