Saturday, February 28, 2009

Making romance to a book

Here is an oh eight picture of me that I found on James Jardines delightful blog!
Thanks Jamsie! If you are offended by my crotch grabbing antics please accept my apologies!

Currently, I am reading The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. By "currently" I mean that I have been reading this book for several months. Time is relative to whatever you want time to be relative to. I have been loving the book with tremendous passion in the past weeks though! I am almost finished with it. I recommend that you all read it. A plus Ayn Rand!

Stareye-R is playing guitar on an ocean splitting ship that seems to carry him far.
Stareye-R plays guitar on a sky scaling vessel that travels to Mars.
Stareye-R gaits about the African safari, caressing the elegant animals body.

i have to boost my brain and stroke my geniuseniusniusiususs.


with a tank i run on sentences and phrase things like a magician who is on a mission to never be frank. narrating tales unleashing spells that make your brain swell to the size of infinity. is infinity the trinity of god spirit and sun or are you people disillusioned by the matter of fact nature of the visible sun?

grow out of it and shout about it silently, less violently and be gracious like when you close your eyes and blindly dream.

Everyone should listen to an audiobook or podcast and doodle. i promise you will retain more information.


jamesjardine said...

I like the way Ayn Writes Sex!



Sky said...

Just a couple of complaints on this one:

The pic is too big and you are getting cut off!

And... So weird that you mention Ayn Rand. I've was doing some reading up on her the other day and from what I learned, I can not stand her. She is seriously a monster. I really want to read that book, but from what I've heard about her, she is one unpleasant character. Noam Chomsky describes her as "one of the most evil figures of modern intellectual history." She was a major influence on modern libertarian capitalist like Alan Greenspan.

I'll try to give the book a chance though. I'm curious. I'd like to read Atlas Shrugged as well.

Sky said...

Oh, and I'm going to try your advice regarding doodling while listening to audiobook/podcast. Sounds neat.

Sky said...

Sorry for the overload of comments on this, but my friend, Brad, shared this in Google Reader today: