Sunday, March 15, 2009

SXSWSXSWSXSWSXSWSXSW! In My Dreams, and in the City!

Luckily, due to VEGA, I am getting to perform live at SXSW this spring break!!! I am more than excited to be amongst lovely musicians and people who advocate music & the arts. To add on to my cheerfulness, the fact that Ive never gone is a factor(math talk eh?)!

I hope to see old friends and meet new ones along my path this week. School has not been as fun as I hoped it would be this semester so this should be a tremendous lift for my spirits. (bras give lift 2. boobs come in two. too. tutus are cute.)

Which show(s) are you attending??????

Below I have posted the fliers of the shows that we are playing at.

I shall post photos & tales of my magnificent journey upon my return.

Also, I am getting my hair trimmed up a TINY bit when I comeback.

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