Sunday, May 31, 2009

DRiNkiNg fROm the RAiNDROps Of A hONey tRee

TEA drinkers are hot thinkers who are too cool to be trapped in an ice chest. What is the most far? The coast bar? The further the father the farther the son. All the way sun Ray. Lucky me...describe your five senses to me!! The pen that I write with is Mink, filled with (you're favorite designer's) ink.

Sexier than a strip tease...

Velvety Structure with a smooth finish. Shall I be South African and Partly Finnish?

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Is this the best party that Rawnie has ever gone to? iWISH

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Ronnie Heart said...

nooch is a restaurant i saw once in nyc. i dont think i will ever forget that for some reason. casual