Monday, June 1, 2009

LOOk At the fLOweR; smeLLy the LAvANDeR

YO qieRO uNA cOAt Like this but mADe Out Of my OwN mANe. miNe! cabello de caballo bello.

Just imagine seeing me walking along the railroad tracks while i'm masticating (with my eye) mike n ikes filled with wine drops.

WiggeD Out cOAt DesigNeD by MARtiN MARgieLA.

LOts Of ReaLLy stuNNiNg phOtOs HERE. FOR exAmpLe:

JeLLyfish 4 jANe :)

So today I look in my mailbox and I notice my next NETFLIX movie placed inside!

Film synopsis from the Netflix sleeve:
"Mr. Holland (Alec Guiness) has supervised his bank's billion for years. He's fussy and unnecessarily overprotective, bit everyone knows he's absolutely trustworthy. And so, on the day the bullion truck is robbed, he's the last person to be suspected. But there's another side of Mr. Holland -- he's also "Dutch," the leader of the TITular mob. Ealing Studios writer T.E.B. Clarke won an Oscar for BEST SCREENPLAY. Stanley Halloway co-stars.

Rated NR + 1hr. 21 min. + 1951



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