Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The little painting above was created by myself for my Jummie friend Jen. When I went to Melbourne, Australia I had the pleasure to see the art of the Aborigines (the indigenous people of Australia). The painting I made has a touch of influence from the Aboriginal art form. They are very into dot detailing, I've noticed. I hope you love it Jen!

Before I went to Australia for the last leg of the Neon Indian tour, I hung out with Jane Aldridge from Sea of Shoes. I went over for a visit that quickly turned into a makeshift photo shoot. I'm still not sure how to upload larger images without compromising the quality of them. Photobucket degrades the photos a bit no matter what I try. Any solutions, ideas tips, etc.?

I sincerely hope you enjoy the way I look at the camera and in turn, you. The aim is to make you like the manner in which I stretch myself along the sofa like an ocelot would on a branch to cool off on. The fur is Jane's. The fur is made of ocelot and marabou...totally illegal nowadays!

Click on the images for full size viewing.

How about some dancing? How about this? You're welcome...VERY MUCH welcome to go to this.

I intend to post more tour/performance photos soon after this post is over with.



james jardine said...

You put the "KING" in Animal Kingdom.

i luv you bear-uh!


Leni Andronicos said...

just so you know, I plan on stealing that jacket