Wednesday, February 24, 2010


These fly pictures are some that I recently shot with the new camera that my step father bought for me before I invaded Brooklyn. Thanks Mickey!

This shirt that I have on is a shirt that I have because of this chick/babe/mink merkin-collector/ blogger/nerd-face. (SHOUTOUT). They call this one Sea_of_Shoes. @ me Juanita! I still haven't seen pics of you, Juani, in the octopus shirt that I traded with you.
Care bears shooting missiles out of their crotches as well as care bears destroying each other with light-sabers & swords are what adorn the asymmetrical/nightgown-sized piece. It's made by a company called Ground Zero. Look those doober-heads up. See any weird stuff in he pic that you want to touch with your cold fingertips? Do you bite your nails? I have really long fingernails right now and the way my fingernails hit the keys make me wanna bite them off. But I wont because I gotta play guitar like the hunk that I think I am with those long nails.
Long like water hose watering a thorny rose!

Next, you're telling yourself that you'd like to try on my Aanother Ddimension Hoodie-vest that I have draped over my care bear shirt. If you are a stoopid girl or a kick-ass fella like me, then you should commission my comrade/founder of Aa/Dd, Javier Tellez, to make you something fresh and unique. When I perform I usually wear Tellez's designs on stage. YO Javi, What are you wearing today?

Is this considered art or simply a fusion of colors. Which would you want this to be?

Here are a few doodles/dude-olz that I have gotten way down with over the past year. Maybe even longer on some of them. Some have been done while on tour (airplane, van, chillin' in a hotel while getting foot rubs from cosmic jewelry wearing plumbers.

Ok! ok! ok! I remember drawing this while I was mentally sky diving at this super-lame/super-boring financial seminar with my super-adorable mother. I was on the verge of looking like a narcoleptic when all of a sudden I remembered that a good technique for focusing during a lecture is to doodle. So I did. So I didn't remember anything about the seminardine. The guy looks like he is falling from a high distance. Despite the the fast velocity, his flowers stay intact. He also has mod pants and Chelsea Boots on.

I wont tell you what I was thinking when I drew this head. I still think it's interesting to look back on and inspect. I'm proud to say that everything I draw has no other reference than what is traveling inside of my skull. I do not want to 'master' any style of art.

Zilla la Magnifique! Maxin' out on my bed like a mighty champion. Reading a magazine of mine. Is that a framed map of Middle Earth behind the Zill Pickle we see??


The tiniest doodles are sometimes the most rewarding. Especially since they don't take up much space in the world. I placed it on a personal frequented location of mine. The very tip-top of my guitar case is where!

I am giving my first guitar lesson this Saturday on the Upper West Side. Yes! All I hope for is for my student to be receptive like a secretary. Soon he'll be 6-stringin' and playing notes that will be stinging like a scorpion.
Next on my travel agenda: Boston, Montreal, Toronto, Buffalo, Denton, Austin, Monterrey, & San Fransisco. If I see you, I see you. If I see you with chocolate I am going to trade you a kiss on the cheek for it.
If I may, I'd like to request something from you all. Email me MP3s of your favorite song or most played song on your iTunes. Don' limit yourself to just one song though! Mostly, keep in mind that I am earnestly wanting to add more music to my iTunes. New computer, ya know.

LOVE foremost & always,


Shea said...

i'm a fan of mini doodles, too. hope you like the girly 90s music i sent uu

white lightning said...

can't wait for tiny doodles to show up in mah desk area.

renae said...

i miss i miss i miss

renae said...

ps thats secretly me- Z!

Aanother Ddimension said...
im wearing something from AanotherDdimesion

Anonymous said...

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