Wednesday, March 24, 2010

En Monterrey con Neon Indian y Latino Heat

Destination, new. Tour of festivals. Spanish Fly. Saddle Hill. Cerra de la Silla. All thoughts and potential titles to the post. Being in Mexico has allowed for some pretty loopy dreams. It's amazing here. More than I could ever have imagined.

No. I did Not eat at Taqueria COLON. Cola de Caballo means "Tail of Horse". What IS the deal with Mexicans and "backsides"?

We stayed at this hotel called El Fundidor

Would you ride on Route 69?


River walk...appears to be human created.

Leanne parked besides an indefinitely stationed car.

Danny you're such a TOPGUN character!

best boys on the block

Just a bit of sunshine goes a long way.


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miss.garabato said...

Ei rony I know you for the blog of be of shoes I am of monterrey mexico its here turns soon my house is your house saludosss amuse yourself in tokio