Thursday, June 24, 2010

Greetings to all the kittens from far away lands & of the skies

Direct me to the nearest song that turns me on as bright as halogen splattered on golden walls that rotate as soon as redundancy occurs to re-freshen the visual sense, the pupil the iris the cornea the mirror image making you see yourself at a symmetrical distance reflecting what you think you feel you think you feel you appear like so like sew like WOAH.

ME...never feeling micro, present you with more fotos phrom Tokyo. These images, more so that others that I've shown & showered you from Tokyo are especially choice because of their content. Don't deny and shy away from the cuteness which ensues. Sea of Shoes & Atlantis Home were, as always, wonderful company.

And if you're into videos, which you are, gander gander gander.

love carvings to all.


Sophie-Nicole. said...

great photos! looks like you had an amazing time, and those cats! how cool. and seaofshoes and atlantishome are some amazing blogs. love your blog!

Linhja said...

So many kitties! Lovin' them.

Ronnie Heart said...

i'm elated that yall are feel-ine it!