Sunday, August 15, 2010

Imperial Japanese Morning Glory Dori Story

Fantastical Story

Yo check the inventory,
my name is Dori,
driving a dazzling lorry,
my life story is hard like workin long-hours at the quarry!

My name's Dori and compared to me, 
your style is of a lesser degree,
i climb on planes and you climb up a chimney,
you're styles slippin like walkin a golden shower tree,
your face look like hepititis b,
everywhere i go, i get in admission free,
roll out the red carpet for me,
my dance moves beyond the sea,
you're still in black n white and i'm HD color TV,
i hear you say, "when i grow up, like Dori, is who i'm going to be"
i turn you on like an ignition key,
for rappin flyly i got a masters degree,
my name Dori,
time to adore me. 


1 comment:

Linhja said...

I love Dori. I still show people when she's Merkin on youtube.