Friday, March 2, 2012


Maneuvering Man

My good friend, Jay Wilkinson, and I collaborated on this piece.  I prompted Jay to draw anything he chose.  The only stipulation I presented was to add enough detail for coloring purposes.

I love experimenting with color.  I wanted to not have a personal attachment to the drawing itself, in order to solely focus on the coloring.  Eventually you fall in love with the lines which make-up this wonderful drawing.  It was so much fun to color this while listening to podcasts about the brain, history or about music. I also found myself listening to exotic sounds from the 60's or century old compositions.  Treating your brain like it's at a spa :))

Soon I will be receiving more drawings from artists who I have contacted to scan and send me their drawings so I could color them.  This is a great exercise for experimenting with color and interacting with the lines that my friends or my most admired artists create.

If you're interested in commissioning me or any of the artists who I'll be working with, please do not hesitate to support our passions, whims and hard work.

Infinite Love

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